Run a better campaign
with precise Location Data

Our location intelligence and advanced GIS technology enables you to identify the areas where your advertising campaigns and marketing assets will have the greatest impact. You can also use our apps to monitor all on ground activities and get updates in real time.

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Hyper Target Spatially

Extremely precise targeting with Data and Behavioral Analytics

Understand why and where your consumer is. Design effective marketing campaigns based on consumption patterns, market size, demographic analysis, and socio-economic groups.


User Persona


Geo Mapped

POIs Datasets

Design your campaign by using point of interest data that has been cleaned, collated, and segregated by categories - BFSI, Retail Outlets, Automotive, Entertainment et al.

Geo Marketing

Geospatial Data to microsegment your consumer for the real physical world. Identify your target audience on the map to build a better marketing strategy.


Build your First-Party Data Program

Get direct insights into your customers' preferences, behavior, and needs. Reduce your reliance on third-party data sources, which is more expensive, less reliable, and less tailored to your specific needs. First-party data is a critical asset for businesses that want to stay competitive in today's data-driven marketplace.

Gain a deeper understanding of the unique characteristics and needs of your target audience in different locations, and tailor your marketing efforts accordingly. Create more personalized and relevant campaigns that resonate with users in specific regions, and improve overall success.

Psychographic Segmentation with Location Data

Integrated Platform for Media Planning and Campaign Execution

Meridian.API brings all relevant data assets to one place, provides critical consumer insights, and helps you build campaigns on proven data-driven strategies. Download from the App Store

Brand Manager

Designed for senior executives, the Brand Manager mobile application is a user-friendly tool that streamlines marketing operations, minimizes waste and pilferage, and helps achieve campaign objectives."

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scene group

Moshpit to manage all your assets everywhere.

Remotely manage your retail branding, out-of-home advertising campaigns and manage assets on the field. Guide your on-ground team to gather real-world data about your community and stakeholders using surveys and visual reports.

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Personalized Services & Capacity Building

Build your own with our team of data scientists, statisticians, application developers and software engineers. Use geospatial data sets to augment sales and gain deeper insights into your customer.


Business Consulting

We actively work with our clients in setting up their own teams, digital ecosystem, and processes. We provide technical training, help with hiring and building in house data driven capabilities for the organizations we work with. You can leverage our expertise to build your own data-driven platform.

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Wall Painting

Manage your brand's wall painting advertising campaigns by using our proprietary software. Ensure compliance, maintain quality as wear and tear reduces effectiveness of the campaign and keep a track of the total area under advertisement.

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Ooh Monitoring & Audit

If you are an out-of-home advertising agency that is reputable, commands respect and always delivers to their customers. Deploy your own system to create a highly compliant institution that delivers.

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Out-of-home Media Mapping

Sell more media by employing location intelligence, geospatial mapping of user persona, consumer behavior, points of interest data and other factors that determine socio economic status and spending patterns.

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Traffic Analytics

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We are constantly evolving, innovating and creating new products and services. If you have a specific problem that needs attention or you would just like to understand more about the scientific methods we employ, drop us a message and we will get back to you.